tips for online learning success

We know that this transition to online learning is as stressful on you (maybe more so) as it is your child. We have put together some tips to help your child be successful and help you maintain the peace in your house.

Routines are Important

  • Set a time for the mandatory tasks of the day. Have a regular school time and set a consistent time when they should be completing school work.

  • Keep your household routines the same. With all this change kids need structure. You might have to change a few routines since the kids are now home, but change as little as possible.

  • Have your student build an assignment due list.* On-line learning requires organization and the ability to plan out your week of study. * There are notifications and a calendar in Google Classroom to help with this!

Share technology

  • If you have more than one child who needs the computer (or you need the computer) Set a time for each kid. Give them a reminder when they are getting close to the start of that time and when they are getting close to the end of that time so that they can get ready or finish up with what they are doing.

  • If you find that you need a device from the school you can contact Mr. Nell.

Find a quiet place with all needed materials

  • Kids' brains are highly distractible. Make sure that your child has a quiet, distraction free place to work.

  • Make sure all of their needed materials are at the workstation or together in a backpack this includes their textbooks. This way they don’t have to waste time looking for pencils, pens or paper.

Eat healthy

  • If you are home with them and have the ability, cook them breakfast that includes some protein. Try to make sure they eat something healthy for lunch and dinner.

  • If you can’t be home with them, then try to have healthy snacks in the house that you know your child will eat.

  • Keep consistent meal times will also help regulate what they eat.

Get some exercise

  • There are many online exercise videos that students could do at home in their bedroom or better yet outside.

  • Make it family time! A walk through the woods or pull out that Wii that’s been collecting dust and play a round of bowling together.

We hope this helps and feel free to contact us with school related questions anytime!