The Red Lodge K-12 School district is made up of two separate districts.  The elementary district encompasses our elementary residents both in town and in the rural setting.  The high school district boundaries include the Red Lodge Elementary District residents as well as the newly created Luther/Jackson residents.  The Luther/Jackson residents have their own independent elementary school with it's own Board of Trustees and operations. 

The Red Lodge Board of Trustees is then comprised of two different groups.  The Red Lodge Elementary Board is made up of five members who deal solely with Red Lodge Elementary issues.  The Red Lodge High School Board is made up of seven trustees, the five elementary board members and two trustees representing the Luther/Jackson residents on high school issues.  State law mandates public school boards to operate in this manner when district boundaries between the elementary and high school are different.

Trustees are residents of the districts they represent, and serve in a volunteer capacity.  Each trustee when elected serves a term of three years before they must run again. 

The Board of Trustees have many responsibilities.  Policy creation and adoption, hiring and firing of personnel, contractual agreements, and oversight of the budgets are four major components of the board's duties.  Currently the Red Lodge Board of Trustees has another major responsibility as they focus attention on the facility needs of the district.