Juniors Course Information

Juniors are required to take 3 courses - US History, English, Math

Use the links at the left and below to review the course descriptions before making your choices. Also review the graduation requirements at RLHS before registering for courses.   

When you are ready to Register: You will be directed to a Google Form indicating your choices.  It is important that you rank your electives (1-5) so that we know what is most important for you to take.  There is no guarantee that you will get your elective choices because of space availability.


• English (choose 1) read the descriptions

- English III
- AP Language

• Math (choose at least 1) read the descriptions

- Geometry (yearlong -or- semester)
- Algebra II (yearlong -or - semester)
- Trig/Pre Calculus (semester)
- Calculus (semester)
- College Statistics (semester)
- College Algebra (semester)

• History/Social Studies read the descriptions

- US History

• Science (3 required for graduation) read the descriptions  |  watch Ms Graber's video  |  watch Ms Belinda's video

- Physical Science
- Environmental Science
- Astronomy
- AP Biology
- Advanced Biology

- Chemistry
- Anatomy and Physiology
-Robotics I and Robotics II
- College Physics


• Foreign Language read the descriptions

- Spanish I -or- II -or- College Spanish III
- French II

• Social Studies   read the descriptions

- Montana History

• English  read the descriptions

- Creative Writing watch the video
- Short Stories watch the video
- Intro to Public Speaking
- Mythology

• Practical Arts (CTE) (one CTE elective needed for graduation)

AGRICULTURE   read the descriptions |  watch the video
- Animal Science I and II
- Vet Science

- Equine Science
- Ornamental Horticulture
- AG Leadership

read the descriptions
- ProStart I
-Baking and Pastry

- Sewing and Apparel
- FCS 101 Essential Life Skills
-Fiber Arts
-FCS Workplace Experience

read the descriptions
- Woodworking
- Carpentry
- Welding -or- Advanced Welding

- Metal Fabrication
- Construction Trades Workplace Experience

BUSINESS/COMPUTER   read the descriptions  |  watch the video
- Intro to Business

- Photoshop and Digital Productions
- Personal Finance
- Computer Science
- Advanced Computer Applications

• Fine Arts (one Fine Arts elective needed for graduation)

VISUAL ARTS   read the descriptions
- Art I

- Art II: Ceramics and Sculpture
- Fiber Arts
- Art Workplace Experience

read the descriptions  |  watch the video
- Band

- Choir
- Guitar I -or- II (Rock Band)
- Music Ensemble/Jazz Band

• Other Electives

- Advanced Health Enhancement read the description
- ACT Prep  read description
- One-Two-Free - Online College 
(2 free college courses)
- Work Experience/Internship  
read the description


27 Total Course Credits PLUS 20 Hours of Community Service

• Computer Applications
• Health Enhancement 9 & 10
• Math - 3 Credits (Algebra I, Geometry, Higher Math Elective)
  Note: At least one Math Course is required in years 9, 10, and 11
• English - 4 Credits
• Science - 3 Credits (Earth and Space Science, Biology, Science Elective)
• History - 3 Credits (World History, U.S. History, Government)
• Practical Arts (CTE) - 1 Credit (Agriculture, Business/Technology, Family & Consumer Sciences, Industrial Arts)
• Fine Arts - 1 Credit (Music or Visual Arts)
• Additional Electives - 9 Credits (Student Choice - any elective courses from ANY Department)

Junior Course Request Form

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