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     Sky and Lat
    Lenw and Ben
    Welcome back to school! My name is Becky Wipplinger, and I teach 4th grade. My husband's name is Jack and he trains quarter horses for our family Wyo. Quarter Horse Sale. We have three children and four grandchildren. Skyler is 34 years old and a graduate of Rocky Mountain College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He is a horse trainer and shoer, and his wife Cadance is principal at the elementary school in Malta, MT. They are parents of our grandchildren Grey Thomas and Hawk Sunny, who are Malta Mustangs! Lat is 31 years old and a graduate of Carroll College and the University of Montana with a graduate degree in Child Psychology. He has an insurance business and lives in Yakima, WA with his wife Erin. They are parents of our grandchildren Keira Jean and Brooke Mullins, who love horses! Lene is 23 years old and will be graduating from the University of Montana in December. Her major is Health and Human Performance. I am excited to get to know the 2019-2020 class of fourth graders. We have an exciting year planned!