Distant Learning Perseverance

  • Distance Learning Perseverance


    March 26, 2020


    Hello Super Rams and Families of Mountain View Elementary,

             We are in challenging times and we will need all of the Super Ram pillars to work through this (Safety, Perseverance, Integrity, Responsibility, and Respect), but especially the virtue of perseverance.  Hopefully you have taken the opportunity to use some educational activities from a homeroom teacher so far.  I know all of you have been able to at least communicate with your homeroom teacher and we plan to communicate with you even more as we enter into the world of distance learning.

             Perseverance with distant learning will become especially important starting on April 6.  From that day forward, we will be looking at your effort and learning to determine your progress and ultimately your grades.  It is especially important for you to monitor your emails, phone, and various ways your teachers will be establishing communications with you for the purpose of learning.  We must communicate for this to work.

    In some situations, you will need to look for information about picking up packets at the school and in other cases you will need to look for links to learn with technology.  Specific directions for how to do this will come from your homeroom teacher through their school webpage (see links below) and in other ways they will establish with each family. 

    Please understand that all physical materials picked up from the school will be done so by following the rules of social distancing and the materials will be kept safely at home with you until this situation is determined to be over.  Your teachers will talk to you about creative and technological ways to turn in work, but it will not be turned in physically to the school.

    Please work hard to adjust to these new ways of learning.  We look forward to communicating with you, and we especially look forward to seeing you in the near future.


                                                          Best Wishes,


                                                                   Mr. Mann, Principal

                                                  Mountain View Elementary


    Teacher Homeroom Web Page Links


    Kindergarten                                              3rd Grade

     Mrs. Moos                                                                        Ms. Mann

    Mrs. J. Purcell                                                                    Mr. Sager


    1st Grade                                                    4th Grade         

    Mrs. Stiegemeier                                                                Mrs. K. Purcell

    Mrs. Tomlin                                                                        Mrs. Wipplinger


    2nd Grade                                                    5th Grade

    Ms. Daniel                                                                           Mr. Morales

    Mrs. Nearpass                                                                      Mrs. Simpson