• Please complete the survey on the link below to order breakfast/lunch daily.  As a reminder breakfast/lunch is FREE throughout the on-campus school closure period.  

    Breakfast/Lunch Daily Survey

    All meals includes milk and a fruit and vegetable variation. 

    Monday, April 6

    Breakfast - Waffles

    Lunch - Meatball Sandwich

    Tuesday, April 7

    Breakfast - Egg McMuffin

    Lunch - Chicken Noodles

    Wednesday, April 8

    Breakfast - Pancakes

    Lunch - Meatloaf

    Thursday, April 9

    Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs Casserole

    Lunch - Beef & Bean Burrito

    Friday, April 10

    Breakfast - Bagel Sandwich

    Lunch - Ham & Baked Potato

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