• Lesson Plans 4/6/20-4/13/20 "Distance Learning"


    >Please pick up the first week's assignments on the West playground on 4/6/2020 between 9 and 11.

    >Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions about the assignments or if your child needs help. (9-11 key times.) Also, I will be available from 9-3 every day.

    >Please e-mail the scores (or send a picture of your child's  finished work) indicated on the "Instruction Sheet" by Monday, April 13th.  This sheet is attached on this web page and it's in your child's assignment folder.

    >Please do the assigned IXL skills each week in Math, Language Arts, and Science.  In the past, these skills have been optional.  However, due to current circumstances, these skills will play a more prominent role in their learning.  I have assigned specific skills in each subject area that I see your child has not finished.  I can see who has finished the skills in each area, so please do the highlighted skills. EX. This week in math we are finishing Time and Money, so have your child finish these two areas. Thank you!:)

    *Note:  Please have your child use their "Writing Journal" for any written response activities whenever possible, unless I provide a particular graphic organizer for writing. The journal will be in their bags on Monday. 

    >I'm sending the next Storytown book home for future reading assignments. 



    Summary of Skills/Concepts:

    Reading/Language Arts: Theme Test Review and Supplemental Reading (Scholastic "Learn at Home," Student Choice books, Time for Kids) Here are the links:

     "Time for Kids"     https://emagazines.com/ExpressLibrary/37bcc965-ea38-405f-abfa-646ac1b806d4

     Scholastic "Learn at Home"   https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-1-2.html


    >Phonics/Spelling: Review Phonogram Sounds (Booklet)

    >Fluency Practice

    >Writing: Written Story Response Activities and "Letter"

    >Grammar: Review Possessive Nouns (Singular and Plural)

    *Please remember to write in complete sentences in all subject areas.  Use your "Writing Checklist" and your "Core Words" Spelling sheet to check 2nd grade level words when you write.


    Math: Money and Time

    Science: Lesson Check>  "How Do Plants Depend on Animals?"

    Science Support Learning Links:

    "The Tiny Seed"



    "Pollination for Kids"




     Here is the document in your child's folder that you will pick up Monday. :)

     **I added a few notes. Please read.

    2nd Grade Assignment Instructions 

    Ms. Daniel/Mrs. Nearpass


     Daily Lessons:  

     Morning Work: Do one Lang. Arts/Math review page.

     Reading/Language Arts: (Lesson Time approx. 1 hour to hour and a half)

    -Practice Phonogram Booklets (5 min.)

    -Storytown “Rolling Along” Theme 3: Do an activity in your reading packet. (Ex. Read “Roberto’s Letter” and answer questions 1-5 the first day.) (This is not a test. However, please have your child do this independently, as much as possible, so we can get accurate data on their level of proficiency.) 


    *Required: Supplemental Reading daily: Choose a Scholastic “Learn at Home” Lesson or read a book (chapter) of your choice.  (Journals are in your folders.) This is the best way to differentiate for our child.

    -Journal:  Write 2-3 sentences about what you read. 

    Example journal prompts:  (Fiction and Nonfiction)

    *Favorite part and why

    *Facts about a topic 

    *Compare two characters using a Venn Diagram 

    *Write three important events that happened in the story.  (using transition words: First, Next, Last)

    *Draw a picture of character and describe them.


    ***Here are some quick and easy response forms (for fiction or nonfiction texts) to print or copy into your journal. Use these after you read a desired text from "Supplemental Reading."

    Story and Nonfiction Response frames

    Problem/Solution Response 

    Making Connections Response

    Making Connections Response #2

    Cause/Effect Response


    **Reminder:  Anytime you write, please use the “Core Words” spelling list and the “Writing Checklist” in your packets to edit and revise your sentences. This includes writing in all subject areas. 


    -IXl Language Arts: Choose a highlighted skill each day from the Language Arts categories. 




    Reading/Language Arts Assessments and Assignments:  Please e-mail a picture of the final scores for the “Storytown Theme Packet” Monday (4-13-20.)  Also, students may choose to type the “Writing Prompt” portion of the “Storytown Theme Packet” in an e-mail or write it by hand and send a picture.  (The assignment is writing a thank you letter to a friend. (There will be a letter writing “anchor chart” in this folder to remind students of the parts of a letter.)  

    Math:  ( Approx. time one hour)  Money and Time (Please keep the pages in order by each lesson so they don’t get mixed up.) IXL Math-one or two skills daily.

    Do one lesson a day. For each lesson there will be a purple “Model and Draw” page,  an “On Your Own” page (2 sides), and a “Practice/Homework/Lesson Check page. Start on the purple  “Model and Draw” page for each lesson. This page teaches a short lesson and gives examples. Then continue on and do the “On Your Own” page front and back for practice.  Have your child do the Practice/Homework. Then please have them do the “Lesson Check” on their own. This is a quiz. Thank you!  


    Ms. Daniel’s class will start on Lesson 7.5: One Dollar

    **Note: This lesson only has one side for the “On Your Own”.  There will be a Mid-Chapter Checkpoint on the other side. This is a quiz.  Please do not assist your child on this page and send me your child’s score. You may help with reading the questions if needed.) Thank you! :)

    Mrs. Nearpass’ class will start on Lesson 7.6: Amounts Greater Than a Dollar


    **Note: There are 7 Lessons included in the packet. So only Lessons 7.5-7.9 are due by April 13th for Ms. D. 

    Mrs. N. 7.10 by April 13th.


    *Math Assessments/Quizzes:   Please send these through e-mail.   You can send a picture of the finished quiz or send the score. ( Ex. Lesson 7.5 +⅘ correct)  Please send them by the end of the week. Monday, April 13th at the latest. We really appreciate all the support! 

    Science:  Environments for Living Things

     Ms. Daniel’s class finished Chapter 2:  “How Do Plants Depend On Animals.”

    -Please do the “Lesson Check” in the folder on your own. This is a quiz. Parents please send me the scores as mentioned above.  


    Mrs. Nearpass’ class will be reading this chapter (Chapter 2) and doing the written response activities this week.  


    *We will continue to post our lesson plans on-line each week and will be available for support.  

    *Don’t forget to take a “brain break” in between your daily lessons. 

    -Go Noodle

    -Cosmic Kids Yoga

    -Free time! :) 


    We will be available for support on April 6-10 between 9 and 3. You can contact us through e-mail or phone from 11:00-1:00 every day. This is our main contact time.  However, feel welcome to contact us as needed. 


    We really do appreciate all you do to help with your child’s learning at this time.