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    Dear Roosevelt Middle School Parents/Guardians:

    We all want our children and teens to grow into respectful adults who have healthy, violence-free relationships. Too often, young people are left to figure out how to do this on their own. Bullying is all too common, and as shocking as it sounds, 20% of teens will experience violence in their dating relationships.  Our students face these challenges.

     As educators, the impact is clear:  violence makes it harder for students to learn and teachers to teach.  We have a responsibility and now, an opportunity to do something.

    We are happy to announce that we have an eight-lesson unit on Healthy Relationships and Violence Prevention, using an innovative new program called Power Up, Speak Out!

    Power Up, Speak Out! gives young people the tools and critical thinking skills they need to prevent bullying, harassment and violence. This comprehensive program aligns with state curriculum content standards and mandates.  Power Up, SpeakOut! is the first program in the country to address teen dating violence and healthy teen relationships in ways that are particularly relevant to young people and educators in rural communities.    The program was developed here in Montana by rural teens and teachers for rural teens and teachers.

     By committing to implement Power Up, Speak Out! in our classrooms and supporting the program’s ideals and action steps in our school community, more young people can have healthy, violence-free relationship sand we can give our students and teachers the environment they deserve to focus on learning. 

    I am pleased to offer healthy relationships and violence prevention education to your child.  If you have any questions or concerns about this unit, please contact me at 446-2110ext. 203 or tonya_kosorok@redlodge.k12.mt.us.


    Tonya Kosorok

    K-8 Counselor

    Language Exploration Instructor

Last Modified on June 2, 2014