• Hello 4th Graders,

    I wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know that I am going to miss you for the next few weeks. Please know that I am thinking of you and am including some activities to this page to help you keep all of your academic skills sharp. Please enjoy your family at this time and know that we are all safe at home!

    Your teacher,

    Mrs Wipplinger


    Wipplinger: Practice IXL Skills


    Language Arts:

    All Parts of Speech

    All incoming 5th graders should be able to identify:

    • nouns (singular, plural possessive)
    • verbs
    • adjectives
    • adverbs
    • prepositions
    • pronouns
    • conjunctions

    Look for any skill on the 4th Grade Language Arts page pertaining to the above parts of speech.



    Literary Devices:

    • F 1-5


    Social Studies:

    Identify our 50 states and their capitals:

    • H 1-15
    • I 1-10



    • All Fractions
    • Review Multiply and Divide (finish any sections you have not passed, review multi-digit multiplication and division)
    • Decimals
    • Word Problems with mixed operations
    • Functions



    • Cells
    • Ecosystems
    • Rocks and Minerals
    • Fossils



    Logging in to Storyworks (read articles or watch videos)


    1. Type storyworks in the search bar and click enter.


    1. Click on the first website that that is displayed on your screen.


    1. Click on the Log In button.


    1. Click I am a student.


    1. Type in your classroom password, which is: readcamp04 and click sign in.


    1. Click on latest issue (March/April).


    1. Scroll down to read articles from that issue.




    1. Go up to turquoise bar above issues and click on Video: Play the videos.


    Logging in to Storyworks (slideshow)


    Follow steps 1-5 above


    1. Click latest issue above the turquoise bar.


    1. Scroll down to Slideshows.


    1. Click on Vocabulary Slideshow.


    1. Read each slide as you click through them.


    You may explore the storyworks website when you are finished with the above tasks.