• MT Tech Robotics

    Year Long 2019-2020

    Course Syllabus

    Mr. Nell


    Location: Mr. White Confernece Room - 4th Period

    Course Prerequisites:

    Junior or Senior


    Grading Schedule:

    Participaton Points will be given each week for attendance and classroom behavior.



    ·         Tentative project title:   TR3: (Tech Robotic Rescue Rover – overall theme of mine rescue)

    ·         3 participating high schools (CMR, Butte High, Red Lodge High, and Anaconda High)

    ·         Academic year long project (start of your school year 2019 until May 2020)

    ·         No more than 5 participating students in competition

    ·         Students provided with

    o   Project constraints

    o   Equipment kit and funds to purchase other needed material

    o   Guidelines  and equipment for project developed from Tech students building a prototype robot this summer

    o   Funds for 2 or 3 visits to Tech campus to visit competition site and Tech faculty and student mentors

    o   Tech mentors available for consultation throughout year via email or other

    o   Each competition participant will receive a Tech scholarship (significant but not extravagant – amount to be determined)

    ·         Students will build a robot that will work in an underground workspace (Tech Underground Mine Education Center) under controlled conditions to “rescue” Charlie Oredigger and bring him out

    ·         Robot will have a vision system and some sort of arm system and will be operated via remote control

    ·         Final competition, presentation and maybe report at an event hosted at Tech campus May 2020 with award presentation, tours, and more.