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    Olmec Read Pages 292-296

    Questions 1-5 page 296 Think About it.



    Read Pages 298-303

    Worksheet page 62-63




    Geography of America

    Reaad Pages 422-425

    Worksheet page 86




    Read Pages 426-431

    Worksheet page 87-88

    Maya Movie




    Sheppard Software Africa

    History of S. Africa

    Read PAges 704-709

    Worksheet page 2





    Life in S. Africa

    Read Pages 710-717

    Worksheet pages 1-2

    World Geography Mystery Game 





    Movie Master of the Continent


    Study for Chapter 12 Test


    Chapter 12 Test


    Spelling Bee/Game

     North's Economy Read pages 386-390

    Worksheet pages 73/85



    North's People

    Read Pages 391-395

    Worksheets pages 90/94