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    Geography of Arabia

    Read Pages 262-265

    Worksheet page 54



    Read Pages 266-271

    Worksheet page 55




    Muslim Caliphate

    Read Pages 272-277

    Worksheet page 56/57



    Chapter Review Pages 282-283

    1-10 Vocab


    1-5 Historical Map

    Geography of Middle America

    Read Pages 286-291

    Worksheet page 59/60



    Maps Testing

    World Mysteries Game 7/A

    Sheppard Software Asia





    Africa Maps 2-5


    Geography of S. Africa

    Read Pages 696-703

    Worksheet pages 1-2




    Geography Bee 


    Movie The Children's March


    Independence for Texas

    Read Pages 362-368

    Worksheet page 64/68


    War With Mexico

    Read Pages 369-374

    Worksheet page 61


    New Settlers

    Read Pages 375-378

    Worksheet page 66/70


    Movie Story of Us Westward