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    Chapter Review pages 60-61 

    Vocab 1-10

    Facts 1-5

    Timeline pg 61

    Wanted Poster Ancient Egypt


    Wanted Poster



    Wanted Poster Due Tuesday



    Geography of Ancient Egypt

    Read Pages 70-73

    Worksheets pages 2,3,6,7,8




    Land & Water

    Read Pages 58-63

    Worksheet pages 1-2 

    Land & Water
    Read Pages 63-65
    Worksheet page 12

    Study for Chapter 2 Test

    Covers pages 46-65

    Chapter 2 Test


    Start Continental Map Project

    Bedroom Map Due



     Movie Story of Us



    Middle Colonies

    Read Pages 82-85

    Worksheet page 21-22

    Explain Flyer



    Southern Colonies

    Read Pages 86-93

    Worksheet page 6-7


    Work on Flyer




    Work on Flyer