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    Share Ancient World Map Paragraphs

    Share Paragraphs


    Early People

    Read Pages 44-49

    Worksheet page 14 



    Agriculture Changes the World

    Read Pages 52-59

    Worksheet page 16-17



    Mankind Movie

    Story of Us Inventions




    Open Note Test


    Planet Earth
    Read pages 42-46
    Worksheets 1-3

    Planet Earth

    Read PAges 46-51

    Worksheet pages 3-4

    Changing Earth

    Read Pages 52-59

    Worksheet pages 13/19


    Cooke City Map Activity

    Bedroom Map Assignment



     Smarboard Jeopardy Explorers


    Study for Explorer Test



    Explorer Test


    Early English Settlements

    Read Pages 70-73

    Worksheet page 19/39




    New England Colonies

    Read Pages 76-80

    Worksheet page 14/15