• Students, do you have what it takes?



    Want to be an Ambassador from your high school for Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY)? “HOBY Ambassadors,” our name for the participants in our programs, are high school students selected as representatives from their high schools because they have demonstrated the potential to lead others. HOBY believes students like you represent the future leaders of the world—leaders in business, education, government, or any field you choose—because YOU are someone who will make a difference.

    What will the future be like?


    What can you do NOW to make an impact? HOBY programs are planned by people who believe in your ability to be a leader and affect the future for all of us. During your HOBY experience, you will discover and sharpen your leadership skills; you will come face-to-face with current leaders in such fields as government, media, business and education; and, you will be taught how to think, not what to think, empowering you to value your own opinions and ideas, and to find the courage to express those opinions among your peers. Then, HOBY will challenge you to take your experience back to your home, school and community and make a difference for others.


    Attending a HOBY program is a great chance for you to stand out and be outstanding; to show others who you are and what you can do. It’s an open door to lifelong leadership and service opportunities. We can’t wait to meet you and have you learn how to unlock your potential through HOBY!



    When: June 5-9

    Where: Missoula, Montana

    Who: Sophomore students

    Why: to Develop leadership skills

    What: HOBY ( Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership)




    In 100 words or less, please describe the most rewarding and challenging aspect of being a leader in your school or community.



    In order to be considered to attend HOBY and represent Red Lodge High School you must submit the short essay to Ms. Luoma, Counselor RLHS.


    Deadline is December 1, 2016