• Red Lodge High School

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    [ ]     Work on a four-year plan.


    [ ]     Take rigorous classes.


    [ ]     Choose electives that will help you learn about your interests.


    [ ]     Increase your commitment to extracurricular activities.


    [ ]     Get to know your teachers.


    [ ]     Get to know your counselor.


    [ ]     Start preparing for the free junior year ACT test.


    [ ]     Start collecting information about post-secondary options.


    [ ]     Volunteer in your community outside of the school day.


    [ ]     Keep a folder of your accomplishments. (Awards, Certificates, Community Service.)


    [ ]     Work hard to keep a high GPA. (complete homework, attend regularly, study buddies)


    [ ]     Secure a summer job.


    [ ]     Visit with your family about your school and your goals and aspirations.


    [ ]     Be nice.