• Military Information

    See your school counselor for information about enlisting in the military. We have information in the office about each of the branches of the service and we make arrangements for recruiters to visit the school several times a year. We also arrange to give the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). This year the test will be given to all Juniors on November 10th. Taking the test at school gives students a chance to find out about military careers before they talk to a recruiter. After you have taken the test, you can use ASVAB Career Exploration Program. This web page will help you to find out what your scores mean and to learn the basic skills of career exploration whether or not you plan to enlist in the military. www.asvabprogram.com

    Military Career Guide

    Before you enlist, learn about the jobs for which you can be trained in the military. The Military Career Guide is available in the Counseling & Guidance Office or you can also use the Military Career Guide Online. According to the site, it "is THE leading career information resource for the military world of work. It gives you details on 152 enlisted and officer occupations, one by one. Because most military occupations are comparable to one or more civilian occupations, you are given the civilian counterpart for every applicable military occupation. In addition, this site describes training, advancement, and educational opportunities within each of the major Services --Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard." The military web sites listed below also have links that will enable you to find out more about careers. www.todaysmilitary.com

    Air Force

    "In addition to over 200 different career opportunities, the Air Force offers an exceptional quality of life and unparalleled adventure. Whether you’re a college graduate looking for a career as an officer or a high school grad ready to join the enlisted ranks, the Air Force has a variety of exciting and rewarding career paths to take." At this web site you can search the list of career fields available in the Air Force as well lots of other information about the service.


    "Welcome to the MOS Machine. Today's Army is all about building An Army of One. Through technology, Advanced Individual Training and support we help ordinary men and women become better. With more opportunity, more choices and more freedom than ever before, the knowledge and experience gained in the Army helps build confidence, skills and character traits you'll be able to leverage in just about any career."

    The Army Recruiting page allows you to check out all 212 Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) by typing in a keyword to search for an MOS that may interest you.

    For information about enlisting in the Navy go to: Navy Jobs.

    "Your future is coming. Will you be ready? When you join the Navy, you will not only learn how to adapt to the challenges of life, but also how to take charge of your life and steer yourself into a career that you will find rewarding - in every sense of the word. A good place to start is the Life Accelerator™, where you'll get help finding fields that match your interests."

    United States Marine Corp.

    If you are interested in the Marines, go to this web site and register for more information.

    What is available for students who are still in high school?

    The following organizations have activities for high school students. Contact them for more information.

    National Guard

    "If you are 17 and a high school junior, the Guard offers a program which allows you to join prior to your senior year. This program enables you to serve and earn pay all through your senior year. When you enlist in the Army National Guard, you'll typically serve one weekend a month and two weeks a year (usually in the summer). Your initial training will be broken into two parts. First, you'll get basic instruction on how to be a soldier, like how to salute, march and shoot an M-16. Second, you will learn a special, individual occupational skill. You can accomplish this training all at once or these two parts can be split. You can do Basic Training one summer and your job training the next summer. This program is call Split Option Training. High School Juniors who attend basic training in the summer can earn pay all through their senior year."

    Military Academies

    The five U.S. Federal Service Academies are highly selective. Prepare for the academies by taking a challenging college preparatory program of study. See your counselor in your junior year for help getting started with the application process.

    United States Air Force Academy- Colorado Springs, CO


    United States Military Academy - West Point, NY


    United States Naval Academy - Annapolis, MD


    United States Merchant Marine Academy - Kings Point, NY


    United States Coast Guard Academy - New London, CT