• Preparing for the ACT Test



    1. Pay attention in class. (A higher of level of understanding in Math and Science will greatly improve test scores.)


    1. Practice…Practice…Practice!


    ~Paper tests are available in the counselor’s office or you can print from this website.



    ~ Book stores have texts that contain multiple practice tests.


    ~FREE on-line tests can be accessed at a number of websites.

    (In addition to the tests on the ACT website, a few other options are listed below. DO NOT pay for on-line tutoring or a practice test.)







    1. Do not skip questions. (Expert advice to students: There is NO penalty for getting a question incorrect on the ACT. It is best to work through each section, skipping questions that are confusing. Return to those questions when you are finished with the section. However, if you run out of time, pick a letter and bubble in any questions you have skipped. No answer should be left blank.)


    1. Become familiar with the directions for each section. (English, Math, Reading, and Science.) Because there are only four sections, learn what to expect from each type of problem. Precious minutes can be saved by already knowing the directions.


    1. Write down scientific terms, mathematical formulas, and grammatical problems that are confusing. Ask teachers to help you with these after school or during Win Wednesday.


    1. Study Latin and Roman roots, prefixes and suffixes. This knowledge can be valuable in all sections of the exam and can be beneficial in comprehending a word that might be unfamiliar. (Link below is a comprehensive list.)