We will be on this lesson for two weeks because I like to expand on science with this story. We will aslo be skiing on Tuesday!
    parent teacher Conferences Wed., March 27.
    Alberta Bair on Thurs., March 28.
    READING "Rain Forest Babies" by Kathy Darling, non-fiction
    Paired Reading
    PHONICS/SPELLING R-controlled vowels: ir and ur
     first, birth, third, fur, shirt, burn, stir bird, turn, birthday, purple, circus, surprise, girl
     HIGH-FREQUENCY WORDS come, smile, are, one, them

    ROBUST VOCABULARY Children only need to understand the definitions of the words, they do not need to be able to read them. 

    father, touch, thumb, sweat, care, forest,  assortment, immense, adorable

    March 18-22
    R-controlled vowels: spider, tiger, river, water, supper, super, verb, learn, search, earth, nature, layer, rain, forest, trees
    HIGH FREQUENCY every, know, some, those, plant
    WORDS TO READ lion, monkey, parrot, canopy, lamb, babies, fly, flew, giant, ant
    No Spelling list the last week of March.

    GRAMMAR Pronouns and Adjectives  and making comparing adjectives by adding er and est
    WRITING Fantasy, personal narrative, continue with friendly letter, persuade

    MATH  Chapter  Money and Time
    Please have your child work on these concepts on IXL addition, subtraction, money, time

    SCIENCE: rain forest animals and habitat


     Lesson Plans are subject to change as needed.