Reading: "Frog and Toad All Year" fiction

    Paired Selection: to compare stories, "Life as a Frog" nonfiction-science
    Comprehension Goals: *Learn how to identify characters likenesses and differences by using graphic organizers.
    Sept. 16-21 Last weeks words will be studied and tested.
    Sept. 24-28 Phonics: Short vowels  e,  o, u
    Spelling: not, best, run, job, bed, spot, get, mud, duck, ten
    helmet, puppet, rotten, subject, contest
    Fluency: Reading for accuracy.
    Writing: Paragraph-main idea sentence and detail sentences.  Five Star Sentences

    Grammar: Identify statements and questions and the naming and telling parts of a sentence. Correcting fragments in sentences.
    Adding s or es to make words plural.
    Math:  Chapter 1 Number Sense and Place Value test  on Tues., Sept 18.
    Math: Chapter 2 Numbers to 1,000-Show a number in different ways; digit, place value, model, word form, and expanded number sentence.
    Science: Life Science standard 3. In connection to our story we will compare and contrast frogs and toads in regards to their habitats and appearance.
    Week of 26-30 Prepare for a test over reading and language arts.

    Lesson plans are subject to change.  Some activities and concepts may take longer to comprehend.