Reading: "Frog and Toad All Year" fiction

    Paired Selection: to compare stories, "Life as a Frog" nonfiction-science
    Comprehension Goals: *Learn how to identify characters likenesses and differences by using graphic organizers.
    Sept. 16-21 Last weeks words will be studied and tested.
    Sept. 17-26 Phonics: Short vowels  e,  o, u
    Spelling: not, best, run, job, bed, spot, get, mud, duck, ten
    helmet, puppet, rotten, subject, contest
    Fluency: Reading for accuracy.
    Writing: Paragraph-main idea sentence and detail sentences.  Five Star Sentences

    Grammar: Identify statements and questions and the naming and telling parts of a sentence. Correcting fragments in sentences.
    Adding s or es to make words plural.
    Math:  Chapter 1 Number Sense and Place Value test on Wed., Sept 18.
    Math: Chapter 2 Numbers to 1,000-Show a number in different ways; digit, place value, model, word form, and expanded number sentence.
    Science: Life Science standard 3. In connection to our story we will compare and contrast frogs and toads in regards to their habitats and appearance.
    Around Sept. 25, test over reading and language arts.
    Reading Foundations:
    A. Syllables1, B.1, B.2,C.1
    R.Strategies 1
    Strategies X.1
    Vocabulary NN.1
    Grammar OO.2, OO.3, OO.4
    A. Counting and Number Patterns A.16-A.20
    M. Place Value M1, M.5
    K. Plants 1, 2, 3, & 4.

    Lesson plans are subject to change.  Some activities and concepts may take longer to comprehend.